A visionary designer, merging artistry with strategic thinking to create compelling visual experiences that captivate and elevate brands to new heights.

Gavari Gerda is a versatile industrial designer based in Florence, Italy, specializing in branding, packaging, web and 3D visual design. With a passion for creating unique concepts and designs that tell compelling stories, she collaborates with clients worldwide, including independent individuals and studios, to achieve remarkable results. Having acquired a diverse background, her international journey encompassed studies in Industrial Design, Interior & Retail Design, as well as Carpentry. She achieved her graduation from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, where she pursued the Masterclass in Industrial Design under the esteemed tutelage of Borek Sipek, Ross Lovegrove, and Hartmut Esslinger (Frogdesign).

She embarked on professional endeavors as a packaging and graphic designer for renowned brands like Fogal, Hugo Boss, and Dolce & Gabbana, working on behalf of Bel Epok in Germany. Additionally, she served as a production management assistant at the esteemed fragrance company, Humiecki & Graef, in Cologne. Returning to Vienna, Gavari dedicated several years to retail design, conceiving captivating store designs, boutique interiors, and bespoke furniture for distinguished names such as Dior, Hennessy (LVMH), Royal Salute, Nägele & Strubel, in collaboration with Labvert, a prestigious architecture and design studio based in Vienna. This period allowed her to refine her strengths in developing sophisticated and pristine designs, particularly in the realm of high-end interiors, flagship stores and visual merchandising.

Now she directs her creative energy towards assisting various international clients and studios, with a special focus on the niche of ecommerce businesses in the fields of skin care, beauty, health & nutrition, fashion, jewellery and interior and architecture. Her artistic journey thrives as she combines her unique design sensibilities with an unwavering dedication to achieving excellence, as well as her passion for art, expertise in 3D design, and a keen eye for aesthetics to create captivating visual experiences that elevate brands and captivate audiences.