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Gavari Gerda is working in various fields of applied arts, specialized in industrial, retail and interior design, object photography, 3D Visualisation and Animations for clients worldwide. She founded her Studio Gavari 2010 in Vienna and is now based in the north of Italy. She works together with independent individuals on project-related basis.

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Studio Gavari

Gavari Gerda sees the world in pictures, images are popping in her mind when she’s talking with others. If you ask her to design anything special, right what you need or just something, she will create exactly what you visioned for, she will amaze you! Every product or interior design will get the “certain something” what you see will be special.
The designer is analyzing, researching and seeking everything needed to be known in first place. The bigger the “creative pool” the better. This will be mixed, shaked and smashed together and shaped to a new piece of 3D art. The result will be sometimes experimental or more grounded, but always structured and emotive at the same time.

Industrial Design0%
Interior & Furniture Design0%
Retail Design & Visual Merchandising0%
Haute Produit / 3D Art0%
Visualisation – 3D Rendering0%
Object photography0%
What I do offer

Concept Design

Retail Design

Shop Interiors

Visual Merchandising

Renderings (3D visualisation)

Object photography

Packaging Design

Furniture Design

Product Development

Motion Graphics

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