Studio Gavari | Semi-acoustic Violin
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About This Project




4/4 Baroque Minimalism

The beginning of the Gavari Violin starts with the idea to create a violin case. But what is more interesting than to get to the core of the matter, to approach the violin itself. After 500 years of baroque style predominance concering the form of this very classical instrument, the designer wanted to revamp the world`s orchestra pits giving them a violin ready for the 21st century. The antiquated characteristics were replaced by abstracting the baroque stylistic elements, getting an explicit and sleek design. For the designer it was important to create a modern design, but to keep the significant violin imagery.

Inspirations / Creative Pool

This concept design is inspired by feminine curves, modern yachts, and fashion corsets from the Baroque, Biedermeier, and Rococo ages.


This new instrument regards all important dimensions and sound criterias. Accordingly the geometrical curvatures and material thickness of the cover and soil have been retained unchanged. As well the important orienting points for playability persists the same. So the dimensions in the lengthwise are like a 4/4 violin of Guarneri.

Sounddesign & Realization

The 1st prototype has been built in 2010, the one you see in the youtube video above.


Corporate Prize by Honda, Cumulus Kyoto, Japan, 2008 Faces of Design, 2010


-DOS- Parco della Musica Rome, Italy 2013 MADE4 YOU @ MAK Vienna 2012 AMUG, California 2012 Museo Boschi Milan 2010 Tokyo Designers Week 2009 Cumulus Conference Kyoto, Japan 2008 Blickfang Vienna, Austria 2007


© Gavari, 2008

Concept Design