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About This Project


Homage to the Moka “CUCCUMELLA”


Travel luxury for Coffee-lovers

You will be the belle of the ball when you pop this lovely little mamma out on the train ride from Scottland to London town. Such a fancy fellow or lady you shall be with four cups of instant coffee! Inside of this device, you’ll find a refillable water tank, four synthesized ceramic cups, rechargeable battery (or adapter) for power, and the ability to create four cups on the go! Go go go and drink drink drink.Four cups for everyone or just for yourself. The ceramic cups are tough, resisting damage or breakage, and are cool to the touch, even filled with delicious coffee. Drink up!


Concept Designcreated and applied for Nespresso Design Competition held in 2007, theme LUXURY.


This concept design is the homage to the “Cuccumella”, a historical neapolitan moka.


The meaning luxury is always dependant on the historical and social context. Many products, that are taken for granted, were considered luxury in the past, or still, in the world’s poorest countries. Up to now, Luxury has been defined in the consumption of specialised goods, such as in the production of valuable jewellery, expensive clothes or refined furniture. This growth in luxury has led to a cultural and technical progress and subsequenly has made individualism and exclusivness accessible to massproduction. Products are now able to be modified to the customers needs without any great effort. As luxury still looks for exclusivness, extravagant experiences will gain meaning. Therefore, the focus on the concept and development has shifted from luxurious commodities to luxurious experiences, even using high qualtiy materials and accessoires. Luxury in the sense of a Coffeemachine can mean, that regardless of location, it can be consumed anywhere without searching for the nearest Cafe or a vending machine. No matter where; in the park, at dinner, at a small team meeting, on the train, at the airport, on the road in a camper, everwhere, where drinking his own favorite coffee can be called luxury. The design has been created to bring on an indulging experience.


© Gavari, 2007

Concept Design